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Latest Oil Field Jobs in Qatar

Latest Oil Field Jobs in Qatar

Latest Oil Field Jobs in Qatar. Qatar is one of the most famous countries of the world due to its culture, economy and wide ranging structures. Everything in this country is very special making it a best business hub and an important port of the world.

The geographic location of Qatar also makes it very distinct and that’s why oil field jobs are blooming in this country. Due to all these positive points there are great jobs in old field business in Qatar and varying opportunities are being given to people with relevant skills and qualifications.

Oil industry in Qatar

Oil has been discovered in Qatar in very large quantity after which it did attract some great oil companies of the world, making it one of the most renowned oil industries of the gulf region.

Oil industry of Qatar is no doubt very huge but it is its contribution in the economy that makes it so significant for the people. There are plenty of oil refinery companies in Qatar, thus making it a huge hub for oil industry jobs.

Nature of oil field jobs in Qatar

Oil industry of Qatar is very immense and requires people with skills to carry out the desired job in this sector. Oil drilling companies require people who can drill and pump out the oil out of the ground, operate drilling equipment and devices that are high in demand.

On the other hand, oilfield services require labor to work in setting up of the drilling companies, maintain, repair and manufacture the equipment that are used in oil extraction and its transportation. People who are interested in working at a reputable oil refining companies will have to know all the factors that are involved in refining, producing and marketing the oil products.

Salary of oil field work

People working in oil sectors

Though the work in oil field industries is very hard, difficult and dangerous, the average salary of people actually working in such companies is 24000 to 36000 QAR which depends upon the level of seniority.

The amount of salary given to the person in oil field industry is also dependent upon his skills, his ability to understand the work and his basic qualifications. Since oil industry of Qatar is becoming more and more technical, a lot of new people are joining these companies and are being hired on the basis of their understanding with the new equipment and tools.

Eligibility for applying for an oil field job in Qatar

There are a few mandatory things that you must keep inconsideration before applying for the oil field job in Qatar. Your physical condition must be very well and you must be able to lift a good sum of weight regularly.

Moreover, a valid driver’s license is required in Qatar before applying for the job and also the applicant should not have any of the medical condition that may make it unsafe to work near such heavy machinery. Long hour duties and hard work is the basic demand of employers in Qatar therefore the applicant must be meticulous in his work if he wishes to be appointed for latest vacancies.

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