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How to Get Work Permit VISA for KSA

Getting a work permit or work VISA in KSA is not as complicated as it may sound since it is the responsibility of the sponsor to get a visa arranged for his/her employee with legal paperwork.

After getting an employment VISA, the employee can also apply for a family VISA also called as Iqama or Residence Permit.

How to Get Work Permit VISA for KSA

Types of employment/ work VISA

Business VISA is one of the most commonly given VISA in KSA and allows all the foreign nationals to conduct limited business into the country by the help of a trusted sponsor or client.

This VISA is for discussing contracts with the clients and for holding general business meetings. Although business VISA doesn’t give any person a right to stay in the country for long but a short term trip can be made.

Temporary work VISA is also obtainable to allow an individual or an employee to perform temporary work for his company in KSA. This VISA is only for thirty or ninety days.

Other types of employment VISA include seasonal employment VISA which is specially designed for Muslims and non-Muslims who are only coming to KSA for tasks that are linked to Hajj.

This VISA can be obtained by applying through Ministry Of Labor after which the approval is given to the prospective employee.
Group employment VISA is for those people.

Process of getting work permit or work VISA in KSA

In the beginning of the process, the sponsor must open up an immigration file at the Ministry Of Interior and then apply for the employment VISA.

After the approval of the application the applicant must submit some documents for further processing.

These documents include original passport valid for the employment duration, passport sized photographs, completely filled application form which must be properly filled, copy of the contract of employment, letter given by the sponsor which should be certified from the Saudi Chamber Of Commerce and Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, attested copies of degree and any other diploma received from a trusted universities certified by the embassy of Saudi Arabia and any relevant organization of home country, all required medical reports with their photocopies certifying that the employee doesn’t have diseases like HIV, Polio and other contagious viruses.

Moreover, police report denying of any criminal activity by the employee and application fee should be submitted at the time of applying for VISA.

These documents can either be given directly to the administrators of Saudi embassy or you can go to an agent to get all of your work done.

Residency permit

Once the employee receives VISA for KSA, he can take a flight to his designated destination. After sending a few months or years there, he can apply for iqama from the Ministry of Interior after which he can spend more time in the country according to his work demands.

Iqama should always be made prior to the expiry of employment VISA but meanwhile the applicant ca stay in and legally start his routine works.

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