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Highest Paid Jobs for Engineers in Saudi Arabia

Highest Paid Jobs for Engineers in Saudi Arabia

Highest Paid Jobs for Engineers in Saudi Arabia. One of the biggest Arabian countries of the world is Saudi Arabia. It is known as the richest nation as well as number one expanding sectors of Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has many blooming sectors among which engineering is the most noticeable one. People who have good skills and qualifications in engineering fields are in very high demand by their leading companies.

These are some of the reasons why hundreds of people from Asian countries are flocking to Saudi Arabia in order to have a promising future of their own.

Types of engineering jobs available in Saudi Arabia

Since engineers and mechanics are high in demand in Saudi Arabia, there is an overabundance of engineeringand mechanical jobs in this sector.

Most of the engineers which are required to fill in the jobs here are process engineers, electrical engineers, project engineers, communication engineers, civil project engineers, structural project engineers, inspection engineers, mechanical engineers, IT engineers, civil engineers and design engineers.

Nature of work

Electrical engineers in Saudi Arabia are required to design as well as manufacture new and unique electrical equipment, testing equipment and problem solving equipment.

Their work is to deal with all kinds of electronic devices and to deal with electromagnetism and electronics. IT engineers on the other hand will have to deal with the computer hardware and software programs.

But IT engineers are only eligible for the job if they have a bachelor’s degree in computer or electrical engineering and are through with the courses of computer sciences, science and math.

In Saudi Arabia, mechanical engineers perform tasks that are all related to physics, engineering, science and electronics.

They will be responsible for designing, analyzing, maintaining and manufacturing all the mechanical systems of their employer company and will be working at the department of production as well as operation of heavy machinery.

Civil engineers are most highly in demand by the people of Saudi Arabia as they are the backbone of entire construction and maintenance of buildings that are built. They make bridges, roads, canals and dams therefore they are most important for salaried sector of engineering.

Salaries offered to engineers in Saudi Arabia

Salaries for engineers in Saudi Arabia may vary depending upon the category of the engineer and the nature of work they do on day to day basis.

The salaries may also differ according to the company’s reputation, skills of the individual and his company designation. On an average, an engineering technicians gets paid around 3000 SAR per month, manufacturing engineer 5000 SAR, highway engineer and quality assurance engineer 6000 SRA, industrial engineer 8000 SAR, equipment engineer 9000 SAR, technical engineer and electrical engineer 10,000 SAR, mechanical engineer, project engineer and maintenance engineer 13000 SAR, structural and sales engineer 14,000 SAR, civil engineer and oil engineer gets paid about 15,000 SAR on monthly.

This indicates the growing scope of engineering in Saudi Arabia where companies are always hiring good and competent people and are giving them heavy salaries and other added benefits according to the signed contracts.

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